FINALLY!! Some vindication for never being able to wear a normal size hat! *grin* “Researchers from the University of Western Ontario discovered that people with big and in particular wide heads tended to be more intelligent. As quoted by Reuters: “A larger head size indicates greater intelligence,” the team of psychologists said in the Personality and Individual Differences journal. For their study, the researchers measured pairs of brothers that were aged between 20 and 35. The dimensions of their heads were noted and then the researchers put them through a series of tests covering intelligence and cognition. It is generally accepted that larger brains means higher intelligence, according to Reuters, but the role of the head size itself has not been widely studied. The news wasn’t so good for people with “pointy” heads though. As quoted by Reuters: “Oddly, head height was negatively correlated with IQ,” the Independent said.” John also has a larger head… … our kids might be really SMART, but… hmmm… maybe we’ll adopt anyway. The term “passing a watermelon” just ran through my head – ROFLMAO.

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