Groups of people have a kind of gravity or pull. Most of my life I’ve related to groups like the enterprise slingshotting itself around the sun – use the energy you find useful and leave the rest (or it will burn you up as it sucks you in). It’s fun going in, and sometimes takes a lot of discernment getting out. Like, there was this group of women artists who met to ‘support’ each other. On the one hand I learned how to encourage myself (and others) to go for their greatest vision of their work in life. Cool. On the other hand, I learned that the base belief of most was that women are victims to the politics of the art scene and that ‘supporting each other’ often meant milking each other for donations for personal projects. NO thanks – gotta go!

Remember this above all else – you will never EVER identify COMPLETELY with any one group or label, because you are an individual, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

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