Update on the Cow Chronicles: We discovered today on our way out that our neighbor has put a bull in with the herd of cows by us. We discovered on the way back IN today that our neighbor has put TWO bulls in with the herd of cows by us. How did we make this landmark discovery? We were sitting in our house and heard this ungodly noise – imagine a deep bass godzilla sound (less shrieking, more moaning) for every breath the beast takes. We went outside and watched as the SECOND bull answered the first one and the whole herd came mosey-ing up nearby as well. The two bulls butted heads a little and shoved each other a little, but no “fighting”… yet? And let me tell you… it’s VERY easy to tell a bull from a cow from a distance, just by the lower silhouette. The legends are true. *grin*

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