Ever see a cat lying in the sun? They relax SO well, so luxuriously. They are also very efficient killers and I don’t think that is a coincidence. Those animals that most enjoy comfort and relaxation tend to be the best hunters. Of course cats, large and small, reside near the top of both lists. Humans, also known for loving their comfort, are the most prolific if not best skilled hunter on the planet. Dogs like headrubs and warm places to sleep, but they are far less picky, and will put up with a lot more than cats or humans. They are good hunters, but not AS good. I’m sure if you think for a while you can come up with more examples of this. Could this effect have anything to do with the christian attitudes towards personal comforts. “Idle hands are the Devil’s playpen.” So there seems to be a corrolation between comfort and killing, but what if that is just a symptom of the actual corrolation. Hunting and killing is one of the most visible aspects of the health or success of any predator. Perhaps the corrolation is between enjoying yourself and success. That’s my theory anyway.

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