Did you ever play a game over and over again until you just CAN’T play it anymore – not because of the game but because you’re so familiar with the entire FRAMEWORK of the game that there are no longer any surprises? I also experience this with LIFE frameworks. For instance, I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for about five years. At the end of my time there, I became very conscious of how “done” I was there. That is, I had done everything that I had wanted to do (whether I was aware of the specifics of that or not) – usually this is when I stop seeking things out, rather like spiralling into the center, back to home base. That’s where you can launch to a new framework.

Well, I’m ready to launch out of this framework as well, living here in the ranchland mountains of Central California. Like every framework, be it ‘game’ or ‘life’, there’s a certain amount of SAMENESS that descends on you and kinda dulls you and releases you from your connection with the framework at the same time. Change is a good thing – not lateral change, like changing a red t-shirt for a blue t-shirt, but changing a red shirt for a Scottish tartan, or a leather vest. *grin* New framework that allows for surprises again. YES!

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