Have you ever had a recurring symbol in your dreams, so that with each dream you get a little more clear on what it’s trying to tell you? Have you ever wondered WHY it takes you so long to understand – why you are so dense? Most of the time I think these ‘hard to get’ meanings are very basic concepts, and I think they are a bit …. um … WIDER than our usual waking consciousness, which tends to be very narrow and literal (which is perfectly natural, of course). Often, when I’m trying to ‘get’ one of these basic concepts, I have difficulty focusing too specifically on details in my waking life. If I were to use my physical eyes as a metaphor, it would be like trying to take in the whole of a landscape image instead of looking at the tree bark here and the rock over there and then the bird over there. It’s a wholistic KNOWING that includes the details, but in a different way. Something like that.

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