Woke up this morning to actual RAIN – yes! All the sage bushes, live oak trees, and walnut trees around us are sighing in pleasure, as are we. And the weather is cool as well – overall, this is a tremendous creation for September in California. I might have to celebrate by burning a little trash! What? Normal people get their trash picked up at the curb? Huh – how cosmopolitan! Not for us though – out here we get to watch as waxy orange juice cartons turn black and burn with teal flames – and we also get to experiment to see what kinds of trash explodes better. Oddly enough, putting old cooking grease on trash doesn’t really do all that much (just some spattering) – but popcorn kernels make good noise and sealed plastic (non-recyclable, of course) containers make funny decompressing sounds as their hulls get breached. And paper is a real BITCH to burn – takes too long and there’s too much ash to make it worth while, unless it’s the emotional satisfaction of burning old bills. *grin*

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