The fact that eGroups is now putting ads at the TOP of each list email, not just the digests, is another sign that advertising on the net as a means of paying for services is NOT working. It seems really desperate to me, ads yelling “LOOK AT ME!!!” while stomping around in frustration. I KNOW there’s a better way, and I’m applying my imagination towards those ends. In a metaphysical sense, I think we’re moving out of phase with the idea of selling pieces of ourselves to get a little of what we want. The more in-depth we understand the ideas of “reality creation” the more the ideas of compromise and conflict become passe’. What I REALLY think is key here though is busting out of the restrictive box that banner ads are the ONLY way free services on the internet can remain free – sure it seems that way, but isn’t that the whole point of challenges? To think in a NEW way? I DO “think” so.

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