The process of connecting, growing, and disconnecting with groups of people is rather fascinating. When you first find a group that matches your interests it can be SO exciting and open up an entirely new realm of possibilities. You learn, you grow, you expand, and then gradually you start realizing that the group doesn’t ENTIRELY match your unique approach. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that, and often I keep TRYING to MAKE IT match, which inevitably ends in conflict, either within, or without. Then one day you realize that this group has now begun to feel LIMITING, much to your surprise. It’s good to know when it’s time to leave. Sometimes I think of it like driving your way through a city – it’s all new as you’re driving up, then you go through the ‘good’ parts and ‘bad’ parts, and as you’re leaving, you often stop and take a few photos to remember it by. Sometimes sentimentality or a misplaced sense of duty can keep you looking back and TRYING to fit in, but it doesn’t work for long. You’ve come out a new person – onward to the next city!

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