Thoughts for the MilliSecond…
1. When you make homemade french bread pizzas, use the french sourdough baguette as the base crust – never mind the “usual” loaves of french bread. Mmmmmmm!
2. First time in 500 million years? I know that scientists think they have ‘evidence’ to support this, but isn’t 500 million years enough time for many, many things to have happened at least ONCE? But not open water at the north pole? It seems a little presumptuous, if you ask me. But then, I think it’s a little presumptuous to think that the inventor of the lava lamp would be anything but immortal – come ON! *grin*
3. Redesigning and reorganizing a site with over 250 web pages in it takes more than a few hours. LOL. And extended periods of working on it are likely to cause that ‘blank look’ people get when they stare out the window of a bus.
4. See Number 3.

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