Our side “yard” has some broken boards on the fence and the neighbor’s cows keep getting in *grin* but I’m using this opportunity to practice telepathic communication with the bovines. A few days ago, three little calves wandered in, freaked when they saw me, and then ran around panicking and couldn’t find the open gate. I yelled, “HEY!” at one of them, who then stopped running, came closer, and stared at me. I said, “The gate is over THERE” and projected like a line of energy over there. He stared a moment longer and then took off, right out the exit! The other two soon followed. And yesterday, the whole dang herd wandered in. So I stood by the fence and projected the idea of the whole herd moving back through the open gate towards the barn. Did that for like ten minutes, and then the herd started moving. Slowly at first, and then… then… they all sauntered through the gate AND went back up towards their barn! YES! (Hey – it really does work – try it on your dog or cat and EXPECT it to work and see what happens!) Now, I wonder if the cows will remember the post-hypnotic suggestion I gave them to stay OUT of our yard in the first place!?! *grin*

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