Adopted a Puppy!

It was finally time to get a dog again, and through a friend we discovered a family who dog had puppies and they were adopting out! So, say hello to Gromit! She’s named after the dog in the British claymation show “Wallace and Gromit” – we decided on the name when she was still too small to know if she was a boy or girl, but we figured it worked either way. 🙂 She’s a mostly lab pup, with a tad bit of aussie shepherd in her, though she looks mostly yellow lab at this point, and a little over 6 weeks old – awwww!

Gromit with her monkey

Gromit with her monkey


Gromit shaking her ears


Gromit telling John that her feet are cold


Gromit sleeping on the rug, tired from playing


Celtic Summer Mandala Design

I can’t believe I forgot to post about the Celtic Summer Mandala design before now! Geesh! Well, it’s still TECHNICALLY summer, so here goes…

My new (ahem) Celtic Summer Mandala has a six-petal flower of bright red, yellow, orange, and magenta Celtic spiral art, and is framed by a nest of Celtic Trinity Knots like green summer grass and leaves. The edges of the mandala fade off into a deep blue summer night sky, twinkling with stars. It may be a little late in the season, but think of this design as a way to stretch summer out a bit longer – hah!

Celtic Summer Mandala © Kristen N. Fox. (note – the copyright watermark on the image above does NOT appear on prints or products)

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Mourning Dove

In the mornings we toss the old leftover seed from our Ring-Necked Doves’ food dishes on the back deck for the outside birds (and, apparently, the chipmunks, LOL). Two of the bird visitors are our doves’ cousins – Mourning Doves! Funny how I can now tell how different each species ‘coo’ is, especially when they talk back and forth when the window is open. 🙂

Here’s one of our dove visitors:

Mourning Dove ©Kristen N. Fox,

(Click the image for a print or even just to see a larger zoom version.)

Coooo! Coooo!

Bleeding Heart Flowers

Every spring I look forward to the Bleeding Heart plants that sprout up around the edges of the yard. They’re odd little creations – heart-shaped flowers dangling down from their horizontal plant stalks – but are pretty prevalent in this area.

Thanks to the early morning light, I was able to capture a really vibrant shot!

Bleeding Heart Flowers Photo ©Kristen N. Fox - click here for fine art prints!

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Celtic Pyramid Mandala Art

I’ve got new art to share – the Celtic Pyramid Mandala! The official description – “The Celtic Pyramid Mandala features triangle knotwork in copper verdigris multicolors, surrounded by sun rays and more knotwork, like an ancient Celtic-Egyptian-Aztec-Mayan fusion!” I had a lot of fun giving this piece textures and odd colors to make it look weathered and ancient. I think part of my subconscious influence in this design may have been the first Tomb Raider movie – heh.

Celtic Pyramid Mandala © Kristen N. Fox,

(Note: this copyright/watermark does not appear on prints or other products.)

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