Juvenile Coopers Hawk in the Yard

Coopers Hawk, Juvenile, ©Kristen N. Fox, www.foxvox.orgThis guy was hanging out in our yard a while back. Apparently it was for a lunch break, as evidenced by the number of remaining feathers strewn about the ground.  Still, it was cool to get so close to this hawk – took a while to find out what kind it was – started with my bird book and then proceeded to google. The juveniles look pretty different from the adults. Anyway, haven’t seen him/her since, but we’ll always have this photo – LOL.

A New Gromit Shot

Just another picture of our dog, Gromit, looking up, giving us her “I’m cute and thus awaiting a treat with great anticipation” face.


She has such a long nose, I swear she must have some collie in her distant lineage. When she looks down her nose at you I feel like she should be wearing a set of half-glasses and judging us harshly – LOL.  But all we really know is that she’s mostly Lab and a bit Australian Shepherd.  Well, she seems pretty happy with herself in any case. 😀

Gromit at 16 Weeks Old

Time is flying and Gromit is growing so fast! She’s a 16 weeks old puppy now, and her baby incisors are falling out and adult ones coming in. Next will be those little pointy baby fangs!

Here are some new photos – the snow is almost all gone and we put out a long tie-out so she could finally run around without dragging us behind her like we were in a Scooby Doo cartoon – LOL.

Gromit, sitting all noble:



And standing in the high wind:



And looking derpy as only a dog can, with an ear back, a crushed ball hanging out the side of her mouth, and her tongue jutting out – heh:


Adopted a Puppy!

It was finally time to get a dog again, and through a friend we discovered a family who dog had puppies and they were adopting out! So, say hello to Gromit! She’s named after the dog in the British claymation show “Wallace and Gromit” – we decided on the name when she was still too small to know if she was a boy or girl, but we figured it worked either way. 🙂 She’s a mostly lab pup, with a tad bit of aussie shepherd in her, though she looks mostly yellow lab at this point, and a little over 6 weeks old – awwww!

Gromit with her monkey

Gromit with her monkey


Gromit shaking her ears


Gromit telling John that her feet are cold


Gromit sleeping on the rug, tired from playing


Mourning Dove

In the mornings we toss the old leftover seed from our Ring-Necked Doves’ food dishes on the back deck for the outside birds (and, apparently, the chipmunks, LOL). Two of the bird visitors are our doves’ cousins – Mourning Doves! Funny how I can now tell how different each species ‘coo’ is, especially when they talk back and forth when the window is open. 🙂

Here’s one of our dove visitors:

Mourning Dove ©Kristen N. Fox, www.artoffoxvox.com

(Click the image for a print or even just to see a larger zoom version.)

Coooo! Coooo!

Canadian Geese on New York’s Frozen Hudson River

It’s really amazing to me how happy the geese seemed to be, floating along in the sparkling ice water like it was just a warm summer day, standing and walking on the ice – fantastic birds! And big! *grin*

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