Seagulls On Ice

John and I found a great spot to take photos of the frozen Hudson River the other day. Here’s the first one – Seagulls on Ice! (Nothing like Pigs in Space, but you’re certainly free to say it like that if you like.)

Seagulls on Ice © Kristen N. Fox,

I’ve never really seen seagulls hanging around on ice floes before, usually just sandy beaches and fast food parking lots.  In this shot, I especially like the pointy, glass-like shards of ice you can see floating in the background.

Click the image or click here for larger image, or to purchase prints.

Icy Winter Waterfalls

A few days ago we stopped by a local waterfall. It was surrounded by snow and frozen over in parts – just really beautiful!

Winter Waterfall Photo ©Kristen N. Fox,

Winter Waterfall 2 Photo ©Kristen N. Fox,

In the first image, I love the icicles of course, but also the deep midnight blue of the water and the brown rocks.  In the second image, I especially like the big gush of water with the frozen boulder contrasting in front of it.

The day I took these photos was one of the first recent days we’ve had where the temperatures were above freezing – this is how we celebrated – LOL!

(Prints are available – click the images.)

Diamond Plate Sky Macro Photograph

One of my favorite things to do in the laundromat is to stare at the wall.  *grin*  No, really! At least this half-wall that’s covered with those stainless steel, diamond-pattern plates that are often used in garages. In this particular landromat, the diamond plate wall sits opposite the large windows and reflects the sunlight and sky.

I love the scratchy scuffs that give this photo so much subtle texture too. Click on the image above to see more close-up details. And another terrific thing – this photograph is also available at the link above as a metal print! How cool is that?

Autumn Leaf Blizzard

A really windy day made for a terrific Blizzard of Autumn Leaves – caught on video! The hiss you hear is because of the wind, and when the closeup leaves slow down keep looking in the background for more leaves falling. (Sorry it’s not HD and it’s optimized a lot!)

I know, it’s not THAT exciting, and it was certainly a bit more amazing in person, but I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Fall, especially those people who live in other climates/zones and don’t get a lot of leaf color!

Celtic Rock Knot Fine Art Design

Celtic Rock Knot T-shirts & Gifts © Kristen N. FoxA while ago I was sifting through some of my abstract photography – photographs that are mostly colors and textures and patterns, mainly from nature – and an idea popped into my head! What if I combined an abstract photo with an interesting piece of Celtic knotwork? The idea really tickled my brain, and here’s the first ‘hybrid’ design – Celtic Rock Knot!

I actually used a photo of metallic corrosions, rust, and mineral deposits, and after combining it with a simple knot, and added depth and chisel marks in photoshop, it came out looking like it was carved from rock – I just really love the look!

Check it out on a sampling of products in the image montage below (it’s a little marketing-y because I made it for my shop, but it does do a good job of the sampling – LOL):

I love it on the colored t-shirts and such, but also on products with the original photo as background, like on the pillow, journal, and the messenger bag.  Click here to browse Celtic Rock Knot t-shirts and bags, and such.

It also looks pretty dang cool on the new bed and bath products – shower curtains, duvet covers, cloth napkins, and even rugs and curtains – Click here to check out the Celtic Rock Knot Shower Curtain, Duvet Covers, Pillowcases and Throw Pillows

Also, Fine Art Prints of the Celtic Rock Knot Art are available, with or without framing, or even as a canvas print, through my gallery at Imagekind. (In the sample image here I chose an interesting gray framing option – neat!) Click here for a zoom image of Celtic Rock Knot, and to see it displayed in another format, etc.

Thanks for looking! 🙂 And I already have some new ideas for more abstract photo and celtic hybrid art, so stay tuned.

Baby Deer

I caught a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye, and grabbed my camera before I even checked outside to see what it was, just in case.  It was a baby deer (ok, yes, a “fawn”), right by our back deck!

Maybe it’s a tad older than a baby, since it was grazing and I didn’t see any other deer in the immediate vicinity, but it’s definitely really young – look how small and fuzzy it is!

Happy Friday! 🙂

Female Cardinal in the Snow Photograph

I caught this lovely female cardinal sitting on a snowy branch the other day! The soft browns and oranges really come alive in this shot, which is a nice change from the classic red male cardinal that usually gets all of the attention.

Female Cardinal on a snowy branch ©Kristen N. Fox,

Click on the image for a framed, unframed or canvas print of this lovely wintery bird!