Ocean Vigor Digital Painting

Ocean Vigor is my latest digital painting – what I am calling an abstract landscape. I was really happy to have been able to achieve a real painterly and pseudo-impressionistic style with this seascape. I had to just go with the flow, and enjoy the process of seeing how the digital paint got layed down on the digital canvas.

I’m loving how alive the ocean looks, both in the distance, and when the waves crash on the beach. I am thinking of getting a large canvas print of this for ourselves… once I can create some wall space for it! (Obviously, we need more walls here!)

You can get a framed, unframed or canvas print of Ocean Vigor, or just see a larger zoom image by clicking here. (The large copyright in the above image will not be on any prints – it’s just for online use.)

I also have created products for my t-shirt and gift shop – you can see a sample selection of the hundred plus products below – just click on any of these images to see the entire collection.

When I look at all of these things together I feel like I’m taking a vacation already, even when I’m not – something about being at the shore and watching the water crash on the beach – like a meditation. Can you smell the salt air yet?

And before I forget, Ocean Vigor is also available on bed and bath items like shower curtains, rugs, window curtains, and duvet covers – click here to check them out.

As always, thanks for looking! 🙂

Radiant Heat Fractal Art Print

I’ve been trying out a few of the digital fractal art creation programs I’ve found online – “Radiant Heat” is the first piece resulting from this experimentation that I really like. 🙂


I named it Radiant Heat because it reminds me of our portable heater that glows orange and also reflects orange in the metal tines of the protective cover – such a romantic I am. 😉

If you’re interested in prints, or want to see a larger version, just click on the image to visit Radiant Heat in my gallery at Imagekind. Thanks!

And Radiant Heat is also available in bed and bath items like a shower curtain, duvet covers, throw pillows, cloth napkins, etc. – click here!

Crazy Vibrance Abstract Painting

This year I thought I’d try my hand with digital painting, since it’s really fun to do, and a bit easier when you don’t have time or space to pull out the regular paints and brushes. I’d heard a lot about the ArtRage program, but decided to try a freeware version first, so I downloaded MyPaint. Also dusted off the ol’ Wacom Graphire Tablet.

After playing with MyPaint for a while to get the hang of the control, I started my first ‘official’ painting, which I quite like – has a very contemporary feel to me. (In comparison to a lot of the Celtic art that I do. I suppose MOST things will feel more contemporary in that case – LOL!)

I call this abstract digital painting, Crazy Vibrance:

Crazy Vibrance Abstract Painting ©Kristen N. Fox, gallery.artoffoxvox.com

Click on the image to see a larger version of it, or to purchase a print (sans the copyright notice along the bottom, of course), via my gallery at imagekind.com.

I really love lush color, and I was really happy with how this came out – was hard to stop even when I knew it was done too – much too fun! 🙂

Subaqueous Fractal Art

Seventy-five percent fractal art, twenty-five percent photoshop, and one hundred percent digital. It’s kind of amazing how similar, in essence, the process of creating art digitally and creating art manually can be. Basically, you just keep at until it reaches that mystical point in space-time called “done”.

Subaqueous Digital Fractal Art - prints available for purchase

Subaqueous, or ‘underwater’, reminds me of an underwater crystal city.

Click the image to see a larger zoom version of the artwork, or to purchase unframed, framed, or canvas prints.

Golden Age Abstract Photo Manipulation

It took me quite a while to get this artwork of layered photos and manipulations to the point that seemed ‘right’ – sometimes with art you know JUST when to stop and sometimes you just have to stop yourself and step back – both happened with this piece! I called it Golden Age, not just because of the colors, but because it has stolen time and history and inspiration and focused it to a fine point.

Golden Age Photo Manipulation ©Kristen N. Fox, gallery.artoffoxvox.com

Click here to see a ‘zoom’ image in more detail, or to get framed or unframed prints of Golden Age.

Thanks for looking!

Autumn Trees Gone Swirly

I’ve been working with a newer version of my old graphics program, getting used to how they’ve changed some of the old functions and playing with the new ones. I had a nice photo of autumn trees as the sample I was playing with, and when I played with the ‘oil painting’ function, I really liked how it looked! I won’t be using this filter on everything, but the result here was colorful and swirly, and you can’t say no to that.

Click the image to see the larger zoom image (can see a lot more swirly details) at my gallery at Imagekind – prints are available framed, unframed, and on canvas, if you’re looking for a little unusual rainbow nature color for your wall. *grin*

Interesting tidbit – some of these trees aren’t there anymore. A few got broken in half and blown over by the winds of Hurricane Sandy.