Illustration Friday – Monster

The challenge this week was ‘monster’, so I illustrated a shadow person with red eyes coming out of the closet. Stories of the red-eyed shadow people often seem to involve an open closet door and pulling the covers over your head. (Probably the most sensible of moves at a time like that.)

Actually, I have some vague dreamish memories of when I was a kid and seeing white light coming out of my closet in the middle of the night. I don’t have any shadow people memories/dreams from my childhood, but I remember a ‘witch’ flying outside my window and tense memories of wanting the ‘little people’ (about a foot high) to go away. In my head, I created my own personal versions of the Super Friends, that were also a foot tall, to protect me – I think it worked, too – heh.
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9 Responses to Illustration Friday – Monster

  1. Ivan Chew says:

    One word: Scary!

  2. pablo says:

    He look like my friend come back from a night out on the Tequila.

    Nice drawing.

  3. LudaChristian says:

    those RED eyes!! scary!

  4. Loy-bot says:

    Really nice color work, reminds me of something out of a children’s book, but then that shadow guy gives me the creeps, big time!

  5. Kristen says:

    Ivan – Thanks! 😀
    Pablo – ROFL!!
    LudaChristian – Yah – it’s always red eyes for some reason, eh?
    Loy-bot – Would definitely be a really weird childrens book – usually they make friends with the closet monsters, don’t they? Heh. 😉

  6. Aravis says:

    I remember pulling the covers over my head so nothing bad could get me! *G* This is a great illustration. I love the texture on the walls from the watercolors too. Very nice.

  7. MjM says:

    That’ll teach you to open the door!

    The sign says, “Keep door closed”



  8. Kristen says:

    aravis – yes, ‘the covers’ are bulletproof at night, aren’t they? *grin*

    mjm – yeah – who left the dang door open anyway? 😀

  9. Rrramone says:

    Ooooo, your story is scarier than your drawing. 🙂

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