Flowers, flowers, and more flowers…..

owlscloverOrange Chuckle Patch - Narrow Leaf Zinnias
California Poppies Illuminated by the SunCalifornia Poppy

Flowers – popping up all over the place! The pinkish one is Owl’s Clover – click on the thumbnail image to see the larger image – I’ve never seen such a complicated flower just growing along the side of the road. The orange daisy-looking flowers are actually ‘narrow leaf zinnias’ but I’m calling them the “Orange Chuckle Patch” in reverence to the old Magic Garden show. The bottom two are California poppies. California poppies close at night and open towards the sun during the day so it’s kind of difficult to get a good shot without throwing your shadow over the blossoms. However, I was SO happy with the up-close, macro shot of the poppy on the bottom right that I made it a print. All of those luscious shades of orange!

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