Willow Reflection in Stream

Yellow Wildflowers

Cow Lettuce

We’re having a great scenic year around here thanks to all the rain. The stream is running really well – the first image shows the willow that’s growing along the bank – made a great reflection shot! Of course, since the last storm, the stream terrain has changed again. For instance, that large rock on the left bank? That’s now about 10 feet downriver, half-buried in gravel, and a few feet of the left bank itself is just gone – it’s now a two foot dropoff into the stream.

Also, we have a field full of teensy little yellow wildflowers now. Oh! And we can’t forget the ‘cow lettuce’! It LOVES the rain and is very succulent – covers the ground with lush green… greenness, especially under the Live Oak trees. Cows really do love it, and when you walk on it it sounds like you’re crunching up iceberg lettuce, if you can imagine. Apparently, it’s fine for humans to eat too, but I’m too chicken to try it – heh – or, more accurately, to eat things gathered spontaneously in our yard. 😉

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