Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve either been creating and uploading files for my prints or shop site, or building a website for a friend. The website’s been a fun challenge, as I’ve been getting very clever at using server side includes in order to make everything as easy to update as possible, including the layout. Oh, and today, John’s ‘talked me into’ making homemade lasagna noodles for, what else, homemade lasagna. (He’s in the kitchen now making the homemade sauce, so I figure it’s the least I could do. Mmmmm… sizzling sausage….)

Speaking of homemade pasta, I’ve been looking through my “Pasta Tecnica” book by Pasquale Bruno Jr. and have discovered that tortellini is more a matter of clever folding than anything else. After we get over the lasagna fest, that will probably be my next pasta expedition. Maybe I’ll make it spinach tortellini even – ooooooh.

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