What IS ‘art’? What is the art ‘scene’? I don’t know about this. On the one hand, it’s fantastic that
the little girl apparently loves painting. On the other hand, she’s four
years old and paints abstracts. “Using brushes, spatulas, her fingers and
even ketchup bottles, she is creating canvases of six by six foot. The
prodigy has already sold about 25 paintings, raising $40,000 and a new
exhibition opens on Friday.” I’m suspicious about how the arts community
heard of her in the first place, but apparently they seem to be having fun
comparing her abstract painting style favorably to the styles of other
known adult artists.

I’ve done abstracts – personally I think it’s
more amazing when an adult does an abstract because it takes a step BACK
from all the rational and linear training, if you’ve gone the usual way of
most adult ‘training’, to achieve that state of focus, a state that’s
already quite natural to a small child. And I’m pretty sure that if any
child had been given permission and encouragement to use a lot of paint
and to paint large paintings, especially if the parents are already
artists, a similar type of art would result. (As a child, I remember
being overly cautious that I didn’t waste anything, paint, paper, pencils,
you name it. I would have LOVED to do LARGE art with LOTS of materials
and tools when I was a kid!)

Well, anyway, at least everyone’s got
something to talk about now – LOL. And I hope that the little girl
continues to have fun, no matter what she does!

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