Executive Summary. Both John and I have been experiencing “transformational difficulties” over the last week or so. Meaning, we’ve both been sick, stuffy heads, blowing noses, that sort of thing. Not doing much artistically, and cooking has been minimal as well. Here’s to hoping the worst is over!

We DID still manage to meet a couple of friends out on the coast (Big Sur, CA area) a few days ago for a day trip – wouldn’t have missed that for the world. (People we’ve only known online – what a rush to put faces together with all the electronic words!) The only downside to that visit was that the beach area we went to had these powerful winds sweeping across them that blasted us with sand until we were able to find a nook out of the way and sit down on some rocks. Made for some good surf though! (Note: I think wind burn may actually feel worse than sun burn!)

And last night I started working on a new front-end for my store, trying to figure out how to combine existing parts with parts I want to add in the future. Designing a website, even one page, is a great process for getting all the details to work together – all you have to do is change html instead of, for instance, moving furniture around, although that can be rather satisfying as well. Anyway, you probably won’t see the results for a while, but things are definitely brewing!

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