Toilet Frog II, The RevengeA frog in the toilet is a sign of good
luck, right? *grin* A few years ago, I “found” one, and just a few minutes ago John
walked into the bathroom and calls out, “You’ll never believe this!” and I yelled
back, “What, there’s another frog in the toilet?” “YES!” It was a light green pacific
tree frog, body about an inch long. (No, we don’t have a wooden toilet, I took the
photo after John had relocated it from the porcelain to the wood of the back

In other amphibian news, most of the tadpoles that didn’t have legs
yet seem to have ‘opted out’ this time around. On the plus side though, there are
about 30 four-legged pollywogs that are doing well in the half-water, half-land
(rocks, twigs, etc.) environment. They are about a quarter of an inch – really small,
but seem to enjoy drying themselves out during the day.

I’m rather looking
forward to when I’m not talking about toads and frogs so much. Not that I hate them
or anything, but I’ve never been overly fascinated by them either – that’s John’s job –
LOL. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent funny stories about the cows either,
they’ve been off doing their own bovine things recently and haven’t spent much time
hanging around here. Hmmm.. maybe I can teach the dogs to juggle… here,

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