We’ve been living here for years and today I finally got one of the cows to eat out of my hand! She was the calf that we saw just after it was born, with a grey-beige body and a white face, and is very close to being full grown but not quite yet. She was hanging out by the fence, and I had the impulse to go out and say hello. (Yes, I talk to the cows. Heh.) She didn’t move away, so I grabbed a handful of really long grass and hung it over the fence – she stepped right up and chomped off a mouthful and did the sideways chewing thing cows do. She didn’t take another bite, so I wiggled the grass a little and that freaked her out a bit and she stepped back. I figured then that our moment was over, but… we’ll always have this morning to look back on. *grin*

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