Restroom Innuendo (or, more than you ever wanted to know about this and not something I usually consider as a blogging topic) Why are all the toilet seats in the restrooms in town crooked and loose? Even in newly built or renovated places this is true. Okay, I can’t vouch for the men’s rooms but it’s certainly true for the women’s. Pardon the pun, but is the reason just cheap-ass seats? Public (in restaurants and grocery stores, etc.) toilets used to be industrial strength, but now all the hinges seem to be plastic and again pardon the pun, low-end. It’s just REALLY annoying, that’s all. I have a small dream of going into a restaurant bathroom and NOT experiencing a sudden jolt as, again, pardon, everything underneath me shifts (there’s an ‘f’ in that last word. An important ‘f’.) a few inches to the side. And no, it’s not just er… my approach. Scientific Tests were run in an attempt to circumvent this apparent system failure and no… er… user-end solution has yet been discovered. (To quote Cyndi Lauper’s character, Syliva, in Vibes, “I’m trying to be as delicate as I can!”) Here AND there – LOL. Okay, the time to stop writing has obviously already been passed. (D’OH!)

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