Our ISP’s web page was never what you could call ‘user friendly’ – I think they were trying to be more of a local portal than advertise their business. They had a link to their services (not easy to find), another link to ‘support’ also hidden amongst other links, a two-year old message on their status page about busy signals being the phone company’s fault – overall pretty useless. But the other day when I went there (I can’t remember WHY I went there, but…), I discovered that they had at least NINE graphical banner ads on their page, as well as a handful of text ads across the bottom, none of them having anything to do with anything. Every sub page with local event links on it was also loaded with ads. Couple that with the fact that they always seemed really reluctant to consider allowing us to change that email account that we had with them, and that adding another email was going to be more costly than it should really be, well, we’s suddenly just had enough. So yesterday I did a quick internet search, found another local ISP, cheaper by $4/month for dialup, we each get an email account, webmail (the old one didn’t have ANYTHING) AND we can ditch our other email from the old ISP that was getting up to 200 spams a day. So WOO HOO for us! And WOO HOO for following impulses that come out of the blue – LOL!

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