ONLY ABOUT MILK (you’ve been warned – I’m serious – LOL)…. I can definitely tell the difference between the taste of milk with no BHT, and that with. Without is, perhaps obviously, much better tasting – just smooth, creamy milk. The other has a weird, if subtle aftertaste or tang to it. Organic milk is actually the best tasting overall, but much more expensive, so we’re lucky to find that Foster Farms makes non-BHT milk at the regular price. The only thing is, none of the local grocery stores carry it – we can only find it in KMart of all places. Milk is ridiculously expensive here anyway – odd in a state which is probably one of the largest producers in the country. *sigh* In any case, I’m glad to make a special trip for milk without BHT – my cereal and brownies demand only the best!

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