Got some more news from the neighbors – the young woman who crashed the truck by our front gate was swerving to avoid a deer. She was able to disentangle herself from the vehicle and get to the road and one of the local (smaller) fire trucks in the area just HAPPENED to be driving by and she flagged them down.

These fire truck guys have the BEST sense of synchronicity ever. They just HAPPENED to be driving by when there was a fire at the barn near us (also by the front gate – I’m beginning to think there’s a weird little vortex of energy here.) And they were also the ones who just HAPPENED to be driving by when my car blew a fuse about 10 miles from here and radioed for a tow truck for us. Oh, and that same day of the crash there was also another brush fire down the road from us – about 10 miles or so – involved about 10 fire trucks and a few bulldozers. Busy busy busy.

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