Never NEVER turn on the tv in the middle of the day. Local Fox Midday News Anchors – an older, grey-haired, distinguished-looking man, two young hotly-dressed long-haired blonds. Together they all seem to equate endless chatter with witty conversation. All three of them were going on about not being afraid to admit your age (the older blond was 35), and about looks – and on and ON – it was like some horrible accident being replayed over and over again – LOL. I also accidentally found a soap opera on NBC called “Passions” – I couldn’t stop laughing. One of the main stories was that an old woman, dressed in scarves and bangles, had raised a blond woman from the dead as a zombie. This zombie then created a lifelike doll (child size) to replace a ‘little boy’ (getting the impression it was a creature more than a kid) that had died so nobly (“My poor little Timmy!”) – the replacement doll, of course, turned out to be evil, stole someone’s new convertible, and was going to kill everyone at a party everyone in town was going to. The party was an engagement party – the man is apparently so fragile and terminal that everyone in town is pretending that his fiance’ is still in love with him (as long as he’s still alive) instead of actually being engaged to his BROTHER, which happened apparently while the other guy was sick or thought dead? HUH? ROFL!

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