One of those short, quippy, back and forths with the clerk (sales manager, actually) in an office supply store today:

Me: Just this today (binder dividers).
Him: (points to a CD someone else left there) Not this?
Me: Nope. That’s not mine. … I didn’t do it.
Him: Don’t deny it.
[we both start grinning a bit]
Me: No, really, I swear.
Him: That’s it. Off with your head.
Me: Oh, no, not again.
[we both chuckle]
Him: It’s happened before then?
Me: Yeah, took me forever to get it reattached.
Him: How did you do it?
Me: I can’t talk about it – too traumatic.
[sale was finished]
Him: Thanks, and have a great day!

Lucky for him the transaction was complete, I was about to launch into a, “Well, I can’t go into detail, but it involved some pretty strong bolts and a lot of spackle.” *grin*

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