Ground squirrel mating season has arrived. You can tell by the incessantly sharp and rhythmic PEEP sound they emit, almost constantly. Yesterday afternoon, as a matter of fact, I heard that sound by my car. Walked all around the car, sound always seemed to be on the other side. On impulse, I popped open the hood and lifted it up. Two squirrels, hopping through my engine parts – apparently I interrupted them before they could start whatever it was they were trying to get started – like I was a cop patrolling the beat on Squirrel Lovers Lane – ROFL. One squirrel jumped out and ran for the nearest hole. The other one, smaller, tried to scramble more deeply into the engine, but I was finally able to convince it to leave. At least I know they aren’t trying to nest in there, unlike the mice and rats (and it’s not like I don’t USE my car a lot either!), since they live in the ground. [rolls eyes]

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