solar eclipseThis is a shot of the partial solar eclipse today at about 6:15 p.m. I took it through a CD-RW (tom‘s idea) and a pair of disposable dark glasses the optometrist gives you when you get drops (John‘s idea). If you look below the main section of the sun (in the larger photo) you can see what’s probably a partial reflection of the partial sun, although it also looks like the part of the moon that should be blocking the sun, only illuminated – LOL. There are also two crescent, upside-down reflections to the ‘north east’ of the actual sun that actually look like what the eclipse is ‘supposed’ to look like, if I could take a ‘real’ photo with my camera – LOL. John was actually getting more direct results from the old pinhole-reflection on a white piece of cardboard trick, while tom and I stood out there with our digital cameras and dark glasses and such – ROFL. The sunlight didn’t get TOO dim here, it was almost like being in NY again with the sun dampened by actual water particles in the air – heh. Unfortunately, it was still QUITE warm outside and buggy, but I did end up with some interesting shots in any case! 🙂

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