Speaking of photographing people… (as I was in my last post, and here’s one of the more recent on PixelPile – thanks for the heads up, tom!)… I seem to feel most comfortable putting ‘unknown people’ photos in black and white. ‘People in color’ seems to me to be, in my head, either for photos of people you know, or photos that you see in a magazine, and black and white seems to be more ‘art’ photoish, and less ‘real’ – don’t ask me why, that’s just how I think of it at the moment. With the photo below, I even played around with trying to make it more out of focus or blurry in some contrived way, which didn’t come out well at all so I reverted back to the original clear shot. I guess I felt uncomfortable with putting something up on my web site that had two faces so candidly and clearly. They didn’t know I took the photo, I didn’t ask. If they discover themselves on my web page by some weird synchronicity, I’ll be more than happy to take down the shot if they want. And in considering selling prints, I don’t think I’d ever sell a shot of a person that was too individually identifyable, not even taking into consideration legal ramifications.

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