I woke up this morning with the most unpredictable song in my head. It’s something I remember from my childhood. Something my parents had on an album with an orange cover. I assume it’s called “Winchester Cathedral” because the song has these lyrics:

Winchester Cathedral
You’re bringin’ me down
You stood and you watched as
My baby left town

It kinda goes on in this vein. Strange that I had completely forgotten about it but still remembered most of the lyrics from so many years ago. It also made me wonder how many other songs out there are in the ‘building as passive observer’ category – LOL. Anyway – here’s one link I found to the REAL Winchester Cathedral in the United Kingdom. (It happens to be Jane Austen’s final resting place – interesting tidbit there.) Update: And I finally found a link to the actual SONG, which is from 1966 and by “The New Vaudeville Band”. There – that should fill you up with trivia for today!

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