Sliced peanut butter is going to be on store shelves soon because ‘they’ want to make it easier for kids to make a sandwich and not make a mess. Um… if kids are making a mess with peanut butter, wouldn’t these be the same kind of kids who would leave the ‘peanut butter slice’ wrappers and bread crumbs laying around too? *grin* I wonder what new scheme marketers will come up with when the general public starts doubting their “it’s easy! it’s convenient!” angle?

All I can think of is the honest advertising slogans in the movie, “Crazy People”….
* “Volvo… boxy, but good.”
* “Metamucil… without it, you’ll get cancer and die.”
* “Jaguar… for men who want hand jobs from beautiful women.”
* “The Freak – this movie won’t just scare you, it’ll fuck you up for life.”
* “National Airlines… more of our passengers get to their destination alive than any other airline.”
(you get the idea – heh heh)

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