What happened to May 5? Oh, yeah, that’s right – I was unconscious most of the day, and in the bathroom when I wasn’t. Lucky for you that’s all the detail I’m going into here about THAT. 😉 I’m feeling better today though. Good thing to, because a BAT decided to follow John back into the house in the wee hours of the morning when he was coming back from taking the dogs out. Yesterday, I was so weak I could barely stand, but today I’m at LEAST strong enough to stand around for an hour with a broom and the doors and windows wide open, trying to get the silly bat out of the house!

The Ted Andrews book on Animal Symbols says that the bat is a symbol of change and initiation, of letting go of the old parts that no longer fit. Very similar to my little physical challenge as well. (sorry – LOL) It’s also about facing your fears – and I guess you could say that one of my fears is that nothing will EVER change, or that it will change in only a side path, and not “forward” as I see it. Time to get rid of THAT little ditty – replace it with another thought that I like better. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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