In the field between us and the river, which is owned by another rancher – not our landlord, there was a picnic today. Three pickups, an SUV, a sedan, and an RV were parked there. People pulled out coolers and lawn chairs – there were dogs and kids running around. Once again, I couldn’t let OUR dogs out because all they’d do is bark at THEM and I didn’t really feel like interrupting the family gathering. I spied on them through the venetian blinds though – they had an Easter Egg hunt (hunting for eggs in a field full of cow plops should have made for interesting work), kicked a soccer ball around, and even played HORSESHOES. Every ten minutes, Merlin heard a noise and jumped up and ran around barking – driving me NUTS. So I closed all the windows and turned on a couple of fans for white noise. After most of them had left (just a few moments ago) we went outside finally. Our brave dogs spent 15 minutes barking at the two LAWN CHAIRS that were still sitting out there. I feel SO safe with them around. *rolling eyes*

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