A little while ago, John planted a few rows of vegetable seeds/bulbs in this little garden area. We’d noticed a sprout of green leaf lettuce coming up first and this morning there are little onion sprouts sticking out of the onion row! (Unless the plants are trying to trick us and shuffled themselves around in the middle of the night just to be funny. *grin*) We also tossed out a BUNCH of wildflower seeds in the garden in front of the house – things are sprouting there but we can’t tell if they are the flowers or just grass and clover yet.

Also, we don’t have a ‘yard’ like normal people – we have a plot of beige land around the house and during the rainy season green things grow on the parts we don’t walk or drive on. This year, for some reason, we have more grass than usual – it’s growing almost EXACTLY everyplace except the usual car path where before there were more beige patches intermixed. Not that I’m complaining – just observing. Speaking of observations, I went outside the other day and observed a huge hawk taking off (startled by my emergence no doubt) from its roost on our house and flying off into the trees. I think it sits there waiting for the chickadees and finches to come pecking around. The large wingpspan and the sounds of the slow flapping were quite impressive, I must say.

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