In one of the rare moments that I was deliberately OFF the internet *grin*, I actually got a phone call (phone?- oh, yeah – that thingy connected to the computer) from my high school reunion committee. They had called my Raleigh, NC number, but I haven’t lived there since 1996 and so they called my mom, who still lives at the same address. They were collecting mailing addresses and such for a mailing for the next reunion. I SORTA recognized a few people’s names on the committee, but I have to admit, I knew practically NO ONE in high school – and my class had 850 people in it! That’s a lot of people not to know – LOL. Besides a small group of friends, I spent most of my time pulling in my energy and avoiding any kind of attention or unanticipated interactions. As Phil Hartman’s character on News Radio (Bill McNeil) would say, “Good times…..”

The phone call also did me the favor of reminding me of those parts of my high school self that I DID like – I was very sure of what I wanted and usually went after it without getting bogged down in any kind of social conformity. Now, I’d much prefer doing that WITHOUT having to put so many walls up – just focusing on what I want instead of also blocking the things I don’t want. Funny what one phone call can get you thinking about.

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