I’ve been having fun working on more designs to put on t-shirts and mugs and mousepads, etc. It’s almost intoxicating, the idea of being able to have STUFF with YOUR art and designs on it. *maniacle giggle* Actually, with Cafe Press, it’s so easy to create this STUFF, and they produce everything on demand, not in bulk… I’ve been thinking that this would be a great way of doing personalized gifts for people for Christmas and such. Create a design, slap it on a t-shirt or mug or whatever, buy it at the ‘store owner’ rate (about 10.99 per shirt – base price is a little higher for sweatshirts, etc.) and you can even have it mailed to a different address. Our first order of our own STUFF should be arriving in a few days, at which time I’ll give y’all a full quality review of it.

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