And now, one of the zillions of interesting accounts now out about ball lightning – maybe more to come. “More than a century ago, a French tailor had a close encounter with ball lightning. He had just finished his evening meal when a board covering his fireplace fell over and out came a silent ball of fire— the size of a child’s head. According to the stunned tailor, it moved toward him like “a young cat that wants to rub itself against its master’s legs. It then rose vertically about five feet, then headed for a paper covered stovepipe hole above the mantle. The tailor swore that the ball somehow removed the paper without burning it and decided to go on its way, disappearing up the chimney. A few seconds later, it left its famous calling card as a loud explosion destroyed the top of his chimney and hurled portions of it through several roofs nearby.” (from Blue Moon News) Me again – seems almost sentient, doesn’t it – maybe it’s not “just” lightning – hmmm!

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