I remember a lot of bits from strange dreams last night. Not the STRANGEST, but the most remembered, was me playing with a PDA, first it was with a group of techies and we were giving a presentation and the PDA was involved somehow – and someone was telling me about a virus that overwrites the PDA version of Wordpad? (Don’t ask me, I just dream it.) Then, I was talking with tom about the limitations of a PDA, and then I was in another scene, playing a game on one. These seemed to be completely disconnected from each other except for the PDA – I have an excellent picture in my head of the little grey screen and the stylus and of writing on it too. It’s just ODD – in waking life I actually like the PDAs with the little keyboards better, and don’t actually own one at all (yet?). Well, I’ll certainly let you know if this was precognitive. *grin*

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