Last night I had a dream that a group of three or four older black calves were sneaking through our yard. I would think of it as a typical ‘cow’ dream *grin* but I think I just CALLED them cows but they were animals of a different sort altogether. Like it was the next dimensional neighborhood or something. Both John and I see things out of the corners of our eyes out here all the time – each of us has ‘seen’ a man walking around – wearing jeans and a blue chambray work shirt. AND… if you’ve ever just listened to cows yowling at each other without knowing they are cows, they will bring to mind DINOSAURS. Often I wonder if herbivore dinosaurs and cows are the same essence energy. Perhaps coyotes and mountain lions and bobcats could be similar to CARNIVORE dinosaur energy. And we just translate that energy into the belief framework that we are familiar with. Hmmmm.

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