I was playing around with the OUIJA board yesterday (talking with my inner self, my oversoul, whatever you wanna call it) and the first thing it spelled out was “PEN” – meaning… go get your pen and do automatic writing, you’re SO beyond using the OUIJA board. *grin* Well, before I did that I decided to be funny and ask who was going to win the presidential election. Then I promptly forgot about that question and was thinking about something else while the planchette was busy spelling things out – at first, being rather DENSE during all of this (heh heh), I thought it was trying to tell me to go read something. Then I realized it was answering my previous question – “GO RE..” OH – GORE! LOL. Then it kept running off the board at this one angle, and finally I realized it was pointing to the PEN on the table – heh heh. I finally gave in and picked up the dang pen and wrote a few good pages of stuff down.

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