Oh, that’s right – this ‘conscious reality creation’ stuff DOES work! *grin* I have been busy putting together the next issue of the Conscious Creation Journal – I hadn’t been focusing on it a lot in the two months since the last issue came out and hadn’t actually received that many submissions. But yesterday, I finally sat down to work on it – looked at the number of articles and said, “I’d really like it if we had more articles,” and then went about redesigning the cover page to match the rest of the site (which has already been redesigned). While I was doing that, I got a “stale mail” email from a web-mail account – I had sent this email to this person’s account in April of 1999 and it had never been read, and it just HAPPENED to remind me that this person writes terrific articles and they’ve never been published in the journal, so I sent them an email (still waiting to hear.) Then, this morning, I get another email telling me this other author’s latest essay is on her site, and it’s perfect for the journal and she said yes to publishing it. Anyway… *grin*… this is really cool. I love reminders that you get what you focus on. Ahhhhh.

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