Cows – the ultimate in plant-based composting. It’s the end of summer and there’s not much left around here for the neighbor’s cows to eat until the rainy season starts. But yesterday, John pulled a whole bunch of these prickly weeds out of the ‘garden’ area on the side of our house and tossed them over the fence, and I threw some VERY ‘dried’ (read: ‘dead’) cut flowers over the fence as well. Today, the herd shuffles by, and a very pregnant cow finds our secret stash and eats it ALL. (It’s kind of an odd shift of perception to see something that was once in a vase in your kitchen being chewed on by a large hooved animal.) The circle of life is complete. *grin* I hope she doesn’t mind being mentioned online – I’ll ask her after she’s done eating. heh heh.

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