Years and years ago when I first got on the “Voyagers” email list, which is a list for people interested in OBEs (out of body experiences) and the Robert Monroe books, most of the newbies that came on posted something like this, “Hi. I’m new to this list. Can any old timers give me easy instructions on how to have an OBE?” Now it seems we are getting similar questions sent to us because of OUR site. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if there really WERE simple, step by step instructions on how to have OBEs or teleport yourself through walls? Maybe there are and I just haven’t run across them yet… but the only answer I have is to start to OBSERVE your inner workings. Watch not just WHAT you think, but HOW you think – how it feels when you focus on certain things – when you feel you CAN do something, and when you feel you can’t, and WHY. (Start with everyday things – don’t start wondering why you can’t levitate right off. *grin*) And then, keep looking, and choosing what works best for you, and keep getting a feel for your own energy and your own “way of being” until you get to your goal. Isn’t that helpful? *grin*

“The greatest illusion is that man has limitations.” – Robert Monroe

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