I was sitting on my sofa watching TV tonight when out of the corner of my eye I noticed something moving on the stairway. “Eh, it’s nothing” I told myself, and continued watching. Then I saw it again, it was large, about twice the size of my large cat, and black like a shadow. This time I heard it moving up there, I could hear footsteps, and a crunch that sounded almost like chewing. I was a little freaked at this point because I knew two of the upstairs windows were open and we do have bobcats around here. *grin* I went to the stairs to check it out but found nothing. While my back was turned though, I heard a thump back down in the living room, like something had jumped down. I got the clear impression that it had left the house and gone up into the hills out back but I also knew there were no open doors or windows downstairs.

I have always seen shadow-like creatures out of the corners of my eyes. They seem curious, like they are trying to figure us out. Before this evening they always felt quite distant, no matter how physically close they appeared to be. Either this one came “closer” or I am perceiving more, because I have never HEARD them before.

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