is Now A Teenager!

This month, this weblog turns THIRTEEN YEARS OLD! It’s seen a lot of changes over the years, not to mention the largest one which was switching from blogger to wordpress when blogger stopped supporting outside domain installs. I can remember when blogger itself was squeaky new, and it was exciting to see what cool themes people were hand-coding for themselves. Ahhh, good times.

Of course, I can hardly believe that the internet has actually been around that long (longer), much less this blog – LOL.

Anyway, happy 13th FoxVox!

Celtic Flamingo Art

A lovely person asked me, a while ago, that if I ever had the chance, could I do a Celtic Flamingo design? So I’d like to take a moment to thank that person for inspiring me – I might not have thought to combine Celtic art with a humungous pink-orange bird on my own, but it was a great project and I think it came out marvelous! Although I don’t know how the flamingo feels about it – LOL – let’s see…

So… bird standing on one leg in water with the other bent? Check. Impossibly hard to pin down pink-orange color-changing feathers? Check. Neato Celtic knotwork border in matching colors with subtle hints of the shape of the flamingo’s beak at the edges and a hint of the shape of a bird taking flight at the corners? Check.

As always, my new Celtic Flamingo Art is now available on over 200 items in my shop. Click here to browse Celtic Flamingo t-shirts, sweatshirts, keepsakes, mugs, (and unusual items like flasks, pint glasses, cell phone cases, pill boxes, holiday ornaments and even golf balls!)

I’m also just as excited about the new-ish bed and bath items I can design for now as well. Celtic Flamingo Shower Curtain, Duvet Covers, Pillowcases and Throw Pillows – Makeover your bed or bathroom with Celtic Flamingo shower curtains, duvet covers, dinner placemats, and more! (Duvet Covers available in twin, queen, and king sizes.) There are also Celtic Flamingo fleece blankets, new woven blankets, cloth napkins, and various throw pillow styles to choose from. You haven’t been warm enough until you’ve been wrapped up in a flamingo. Hah!  (Um… I think I’ve had too much sugar already today – LOL!)

Celtic Flamingo Fine Art Prints – Yup – a flamingo for the wall too! Framed or unframed, or as canvas prints. Click here and you can pick your own sizes, mats, frames, and canvas wrap, and other options from the Art of FoxVox Fine Art Gallery at Imagekind.

Thanks so much for flamingo-izing with me today and hopefully tolerating all of my exclamation points!


Herd of Turkeys

Caught a herd of turkeys (I know, it’s a “flock”, but I like “herd” better!) rambling through the yard the other day. Three adults and ten to fifteen smaller, teenage turkeys. *grin*

From these images, it’s indisputable that turkeys evolved from velociraptors – LOL. You can’t tell from the photos, but the big ones are really impressively big – at least a couple of feet tall, if not more.

They’ve been back a few times since these photos, so I guess they live around here. So far, they’ve been really quiet – no gobbling at all!  Good neighbors!

Our Dog Merlin

Our almost 16-year old dog, Merlin, passed away on Monday, the 8th. He was a quirky dog, smart, grumpy, and did his best to keep us all herded together, like a good herding dog. He was half Labrador, and half Queensland Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), and his coat was a gorgeous ‘red merle’ of rusty orange and white splotched and speckles.

This is my favorite photo of him, just sitting there happily, with his tongue hanging out.

It took us a number of years to get him out of his ‘snipping’ phase but in his later years we turned him into a real mush.  🙂

See you on the other side, Merlin!

Ocean Vigor Digital Painting

Ocean Vigor is my latest digital painting – what I am calling an abstract landscape. I was really happy to have been able to achieve a real painterly and pseudo-impressionistic style with this seascape. I had to just go with the flow, and enjoy the process of seeing how the digital paint got layed down on the digital canvas.

I’m loving how alive the ocean looks, both in the distance, and when the waves crash on the beach. I am thinking of getting a large canvas print of this for ourselves… once I can create some wall space for it! (Obviously, we need more walls here!)

You can get a framed, unframed or canvas print of Ocean Vigor, or just see a larger zoom image by clicking here. (The large copyright in the above image will not be on any prints – it’s just for online use.)

I also have created products for my t-shirt and gift shop – you can see a sample selection of the hundred plus products below – just click on any of these images to see the entire collection.

When I look at all of these things together I feel like I’m taking a vacation already, even when I’m not – something about being at the shore and watching the water crash on the beach – like a meditation. Can you smell the salt air yet?

And before I forget, Ocean Vigor is also available on bed and bath items like shower curtains, rugs, window curtains, and duvet covers – click here to check them out.

As always, thanks for looking! 🙂

The Goat and the Landscaper

The landlords, who also own the house next door, hired landscapers to transplant the forsythia near their porch into our front yard by the road. They started digging today.

Apparently, one of the other neighbors, across the street, decided to come check out their handywork. Not the human neighbor though…

LOL! Friendly goat! Landscapers were amused too. *grin*