I was sitting on my sofa watching TV tonight when out of the corner of my eye I noticed something moving on the stairway. “Eh, it’s nothing” I told myself, and continued watching. Then I saw it again, it was large, about twice the size of my large cat, and black like a shadow. This time I heard it moving up there, I could hear footsteps, and a crunch that sounded almost like chewing. I was a little freaked at this point because I knew two of the upstairs windows were open and we do have bobcats around here. *grin* I went to the stairs to check it out but found nothing. While my back was turned though, I heard a thump back down in the living room, like something had jumped down. I got the clear impression that it had left the house and gone up into the hills out back but I also knew there were no open doors or windows downstairs.

I have always seen shadow-like creatures out of the corners of my eyes. They seem curious, like they are trying to figure us out. Before this evening they always felt quite distant, no matter how physically close they appeared to be. Either this one came “closer” or I am perceiving more, because I have never HEARD them before.

As far as I’m concerned, J.R.R. Tolkien is one of the MASTERS when it comes to creating an alternate world and pulling the reader in. (Patricia McKillip would be another.) Dropped by The One Ring today – checking out the casting for the upcoming (well, in 16 months or so) Lord of the Rings movies – can hardly wait! I recognized SOME of the actor’s names, but had to cross reference most of them – such as … I have to say that casting the professor from Sliders as Gimli the dwarf sounds just perfect! *grin* Magneto from the X-Men movie is playing Gandalf, Agent Smith from the Matrix is playing Elrond, Vito Cornelius from Fifth Element is playing Bilbo, and Grima Wormtongue is being played by the actor who played the crazy Beta-Zed (sp?) who was confined to quarters in Star Trek Voyager. Eventually I may even remember the ACTORS real names! *grin*

I sometimes wonder if I will ALWAYS be impatient with the processing speed of computers and their ilk, or is it just a matter of rising to and beyond the level of the computer’s incompetence? I know I could do so much more if I wasn’t always waiting for the computer to catch up with me, for numbers to crunch, for displays to refresh, for pages to download… but then I think that the point isn’t to do more. Maybe the computer’s just mirroring my OWN processing speed, and my left brain just jumps in and complains because the change in sensory input is slow, even if SENSORY input’s just a small part of what’s going on. *grin* Maybe I can start using those pauses to my advantage – to reassess my current direction and “tune in” instead of stopping my own flow of creativity to C-O-M-P-L-A-I-N? (How utterly REACTIVE of me! Tsk tsk.) Or maybe the stopping to complain is actually what CREATES the pauses and slowness in the first place? Aaaaarrrggghh! *Kristen runs screaming down a long, dark, narrow hallway.* *A door slams in the distance.* *All is silent.*

Whenever I need some proof for separate space continuums I just listen to talk radio. This morning as I was driving to work I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about watching Bill Clinton on TV last night. Apparently the president had said that there were less teenage pregnancies during his administration. Rush’s girlfriend or wife was enraged by this and said that “the only way Bill Clinton could have created less pregnant teens was by teaching them a NEW form of sex!” Oral sex, new? No wonder those conservatives look so uptight.

Seems to be a definite animal theme here at the moment! True story from last night: It’s one in the morning and our dog Merlin jumps up and starts barking. Not completely unusual as he’s very sensitive to when things come in our yard. “Okay Merlin – lay down now.” Then he did it a little while later, so John got up and checked out the window with the flashlight – didn’t see anything – could hear cows moving around in the fields behind us (we live in a town of 100 people and lots more cows) – went back to bed. A few minutes later a HUGE COW BELLOW breaks through the night – sounds VERY close. Too close? Now BOTH dogs are running around barking. John gets up again, “Oh, %$#@*&!! Kristen – we’ve got a cow in the yard!” I grab the broom and go outside (in my nightgown, limping somewhat as my body recovers from a pinched nerve in my back LOL) – luckily the moon is full. We notice it’s one of the mother cows, and she’s a little agitated. Sometimes they can go through this one section of barbed wire fencing across the road, so John went to open one of the gates so we could “shoo” her out. But wait – there are like two MORE cows in our side pasture – ahhhh – must’ve broken through a weak part of the wooden fence and then come into our adjacent yard. Then I spot the mother’s little calf outside the whole perimeter – ahhh – mother can’t figure out how to get out! One of the other cows tries to come in our yard – I wave the broom and tell it to turn around, nothing to see here. And it does – whew!

John circles around the house to block off another go-around and I become the “cow whisperer” – hoping she can pick up on the thoughts and verbal directions I’m sending her about going back into the side yard. I figure waving a broom that way doesn’t hurt either. Promptly, she clops out into the road instead. *rolling eyes* I tell her it’s okay and suggest she can leave out THAT gate too, if she wants. Apparently, that’s when she changed her mind and decided to go back to the side pasture… I stand by my Honda Civic (it already forcefully met a cow a while back – once is enough) with the broom, and she storms by me about 10 feet away and goes into the side yard!

John grabs the iron gate from the front of our yard and drags it to the opening of the side pasture (doesn’t have a closeable gate) – we attach it with bungie cords. The cows are running around there now, so then we have to tell them to go through the hole they ALREADY made in the fence -eventually, they find it, mother and child and friends are reunited OUTSIDE our yard, we’re kinda laughing and confused, and can go back inside now and apologize to Merlin for not taking him seriously at first.

I’m wondering now why most “animal” sites don’t give you an entry for “cow”?? Even the book I have only lists “bulls” and there weren’t any bulls around (luckily – been there – done that.) I think it was mostly us just agreeing to help the cow out – answering her call for assistance – hmmm! (When we move to a house in a real “town”, I’ll laugh if the neighbors complain about people’s cats or dogs running loose through their yards. *grin* I think I’m going to take a nap now.)

Something a bit more on topic than the hamsters, *grins* but still about animals…

Animals have been very useful messengers for me throughout my life. If I am looking for a “message from beyond” *grin* all I have to do is pay attention to the animals that show up. I don’t even have to do all the interpretation work because those good old Native Americans did that years ago. I brought this up because today I saw a Mountain Lion who was having a casual stroll through a pasture next to the freeway. Two of the main messages of the Mountain Lion are securing territory and working at night, messages that speak directly of my life right now. I am in the process of moving my web site to my own server (virtual territory, but territory all the same), and just last night decided to switch back to nocturnal for a while. If you are interested, here is a good website to find out what the animals in your life might be saying.