Associative Ramble. I’ve mentioned Lindows here before – a Linux based OS that will run Windows programs. Well, after having signed up at an unrelated site today, I got a survey URL in my inbox, which was all about Lindows – basically, they seemed to be asking if people would be getting confused between Windows and Lindows (because for SOME reason Microsoft doesn’t like the name they chose – LOL – they didn’t say this on the survey – I knew it from the site before). I was glad to be able to give them answers that I think supported the name of ‘Lindows’ NOT being confused with ‘Windows’. Besides the fact that ‘windows’ is a regular ol’ noun and Lindows is NOT, wouldn’t you think people would step back and say ‘what?’. But then, there were about 75 people who paid $300 on EBay for PHOTOS of a Sony Playstation – granted, the crook selling the ‘photos’ instead of the actual unit was deliberately misleading in his wording, but you can’t spend all your time trying to make life idiot-proof. Was it Mark Twain who said that life just keeps making better idiots? LOL. And yes, I’ve been an idiot before too – heh heh – and will probably be one again. I like the Live and Learn thing – which is why I’m glad I grew up NOT having to wear helmets and padding all over when I rode a bike – never killed myself either – not even once. *grin*

Yesterday we set out on the pretense of doing laundry in the laundromat and we did everything but – LOL – effectively taking our dirty clothes out for a car ride. Today then IS laundry day. (Oooh – the excitement never ends around here.)

Executive Summary of last night’s cool dream. Was with people in a dorm atmosphere – everything was icky and seemed to be falling apart, people didn’t respect each other and acted out, melodramas everywhere, etc. In a moment of remembered lucidity I stopped and sighed and realized that I really missed HOGWARTS – the cool castle and all the people there who were like me, etc. Jump ahead to where I’m on a bus with people who ARE like me, we stop and rest for a bit, then reload the bus, and then some of us decide to FLY ahead (might have been using broomsticks, might not – LOL). We meet up with jetliners and STARSHIPS (like the Enterprise) all going in the same direction too, all going really fast (including us just flying on our own) to some specific meeting place. I still remember the feeling of flying ahead so fast – exhilerating! Hope that’s a symbolic premonition dream – LOL!

Had a 4.7 earthquake here yesterday – house jumped and rumbled for a few moments and then did it again. 25+ smaller quakes after that. Just felt the house jump AGAIN, waiting for the results on the web page… and the results are in! A 3.7! Thank you very much, thank you folks, you’ve been great. 😉

Okay, okay – to all of you who come here by mistake after searching in Google for the ‘adult’ author site called The Kristen Archives, click here instead. Please also note that those pages are completely unaffiliated with me, a different Kristen. And if you came here after searching for that site, even though you knew it wasn’t the site you were looking for and were just surfing – er – hi there. *grin*

Woke up to a warmish grey day, where everything is muted and dark. Outside with the dogs, the landscape felt like an indoor set instead of ‘outside’. The low ceiling of clouds feels like a comfortable blanket that I relax into. Ahhhhhh.